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This page (together with the documents referred to on it) tells you about how we can upgrade contracts for any of our products, services and solutions, or third party products that we selll  Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully before upgrading any products from the Site. Please also note that the use of our Site is subject to the terms contained in the Website Terms of Use, which apply whether or not you order any Products, Services or Solutions from us.


Use the 'Our Order' tab


When you choose the 'Our Order' tab, you will be transferred to a screen for procurement etc., you will be able to click the upgrade section for Refer For Quotation.


Once you have choosen: Upgrade Plan(s) in the dropdown order menu, you be able to interact with the form and completed the form; please note any agreement will be subject to contract, due dilligence and availability.


Once you have submitted the form; we will receive a notification to our electronic mail box which can take up to 30-45 minutes, afterwhich we will assign your case a number and keep you up to date with any developments.  


Why some changes take longer


Number of satellite locations and/or users: If you have a large number of sites within your property portfolio, and/or assigned users, it will take longer to do an upgrade to move your sites or users onto a new plan.


Credit checks when changing plans: If you pay by invoice, or reach a certain level of cost, a credit check might be required. A credit check usually takes up to an hour to complete. You'll receive a notification if a credit check has been successful or rejected. 



Why can't I upgrade plans?


You are unable to upgrade plans automatically; because we need to undertake additional administration: due diligence, an updated credit check and time to speak to a supplier or a third party with our backchannel communications to determine if an upgrade can take place.   



Why are there no plans listed to upgrade on your website?


All data we hold is commercially sensitive, and contractual undertakings can be subject to changes; from market uncertainties, withdrawal of prices we have access to or exceptional factors beyond our control. 


You also may unable to upgrade a subscription because a given service isn't available in your local area. 


For example, if one of your services has an incident, such as a servers is offline, we won't be able to upgrade you until all servers are back up and running. To see if there are provisioning or service health issues, please review our Help Center


If you find that a service is not fully provisioned, or you have a service issue, please wait a few hours for your service to become available, and try again. If you still have a problem, please call our support.


Additional reasons you can't upgrade


  • You are already in a fixed term contract, and therefore not in a quotable window for a given product or service; 


  • Your incumbent (or current) supplier(s) have stipulated they are unable to extent out your contract due to:


        a) company procurement policies; 

        b) internal risk management strategies;

        c) low credit rating

        d) arrears of the account(s)

        d) no fixed assets to act as security;


  • You are not a client and have already acquired the services of a broker, consultant or a group;  the only time we can assist you is if you pay for our assistance or administration upfront; sign an informed consent document and agree in principle to work with us in the future. 



Personal or company debts


If you've entered into a contract with a supplier or a third party, and wish to end the contract or come to the end of a current; any incumbent (or current) supplier or third party will need to be paid in full; or agree to a short payment schedule, before they release you from a contract, or extend out on a contract with fixed prices.   


You can also call support for help.


The subscription that you want to upgrade from has a temporary issue



Access to services


Admins won't be able to use the Help Center while the plan is being upgraded. This can take up to an hour.

Users will experience no interruption of service. They will continue to have the existing service until the upgrade is fully completed.


Clients and plans


Clients on an old plan (or contract) will automatically be moved onto a new plan (or contract) to ensure you do not face out of contract or roll over rates. This will be enacted 30 days before the contract is due to end.


Legal Disclaimer: If you do not intend to use our services or administration; you need to supply us with three months written notice, that you no longer wish to use NSG; thereafter you will be responsible for any accrued debts that you incur. If there is a remaining balance owing to us during this period, you will need to clear any debts owing to us, afterwhich we will happy to close your client file. 


All user data will be retained during this window, including any contractual agreements, email exchanges, word or excel spreadsheets, any order and bookings will be saved. 




The day your plan upgrade is complete, the billing on your old subscription will be turned off and the billing on your new subscription will be turned on. You'll get a prorated credit for any unused data, or if an account was in credit. You'll receive a new invoice that includes the credit for your old subscription within 30 days of upgrading to the new subscription.


Nota Bene (i.e. note well)


The length of time it takes to actually credit your payment account depends on the payment method that was used for the subscription, and the given terms and conditions you agreed to when signing a contract or plan with a specific supplier for any product(s), services or solutions.