Definition: The separating of the various components of electricity production, supply, and service, in order to introduce greater elements of competition into the industry.


United Kingdom Power Exchange (UKPX)


Definition: An electronic exchange that launched electricity futures in June 2000. Now owned by APX.


Unmetered Supply (UMS)


Definition: Supply such as street lighting, where the consumption is calculated using the electrical demand of the equipment and the expected hours of operation.


Upside Volume


Definition: The total volume of all advancing issues over a given period of time.




Definition: Oil and gas exploration and production, as opposed to downstream, which refers to the areas of refining and marketing.


Utility Distribution Companies (UDC)


Definition: The entities that will continue to provide regulated services for the distribution of electricity to customers and serve customers who do not choose direct access. Regardless of where a consumer chooses to purchase power, the customer's current utility, also known as the utility distribution company, will deliver the power to the consumer's home, business, or farm.