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Commercial Renewable Energy

Prior to renewable energy, the United Kingdom relied on conventional fossil fuels, such as oil or coal, known as 'brown energy' for its energy. However, as finite resources have been exhausted and UN legislation such as the Kyoto Treaty has been enacted; countries have adopted policies to reduce carbon emissions, leading to the mass closure of coal power plants and gas storage units such as Centrica's Rough Storage


As clean or 'green energy' has come online, renewable energy such as wind turbines, solar farms, tidal and wave technology has been adopted. Yet the problem inherent in some of these energy systems is that they have a sell-by date of ten to fifteen years and themselves can cause great harm to the environment due to the use of rare-earth metals.


Sadly, the United Kingdom cannot rely on these renewable energy sources, due to weather conditions, and other sources such as geothermal (unavailable) and bio-energy (expensive) will not meet the consumption requirements of businesses and the national grid. So, we will rely on nuclear power, as seen with the investment of Hinkley Point C power station which will not come online until 2025 at the earliest. In the meantime, we suggest businesses have a sustainable policy for energy consumption, and use of our services for this endeavor. 


What is Renewable Energy?