With the best will in the world, it's impossible to do everything; as an organization, we find it's much better to work in synergy. With our network of experienced professional companies, we can help open doors for new business opportunities.


Independent Introducing Brokers (IIB) are core to our business model at the Nü Savings Group ('NSG'). Given our extensive experience in finance and procurement, NSG is positioned to provide the dedication, execution, and expertise you require. 


To meet the challenge of today's business world, NSG has invested considerably into planning, development, infrastructure partnerships, and service to provide a fast, reliable, and secure execution operation. With our Lead and Client Management Service, Support, and our powerful, efficient back-office solutions, you will be able to achieve more and provide a well-rounded service for your clients. As experts in making savings for businesses, our referral channel offers your clients, tailored products and services with a level of service they won't get elsewhere. 


Whether you are a business owner, consultancy, or adviser, through our channel, you can pass on your clients to us and we will do the rest. You can feel rest assured that your clients will be looked after, providing them with excellent products and services. In return, you can receive a new revenue stream and build a stronger relationship with them.   


Disclaimer: We do not and refuse to work with businesses that have stolen data from a company or organization. If this information comes to light during discussions, we will report such disclosure to the relevant authorities. 





One of the biggest identifiers for our Independent Introducing Brokers (IIB), is whether they know their referrals or not on a personal level. We find that many of our Introducers have spent months even years building a trust-based relationship with their clients. 


They are likely helping support their clients with their finances or trades, so these introducers are very keen to make sure that the management consultancy they connect their clients with is trustworthy, regulated, and responsible.


What does your client get?


A contract that is fit for purpose and that provides savings, whether in time, money or sometimes both. Each client that is referred to us will be provided with a bespoke quotation and only when a contract goes live will payment be made to you.  


What do you get in return? 


  • We promise to keep you in the loop, so you aware of the progress of any introductions;


  • We will also offer a rebate payment to you based on the terms of the supplier. This means that for every trade that your clients make, you will make a commission per trade when a contract goes live. This equates to ongoing residual income for your business - potentially with little ongoing effort once an introduction has been made.




  • If a client chooses not to work with the Nü Savings Group ('NSG'), no payment will be made and we will close our file;  


  • To prevent clawback - we will provide a regular residual payment. If a client either cancels their direct debit or falls into arrears, a rebate payment will be temporarily paused until regular business resumes, where we reactivate payments. 




Affiliates will likely have no direct contact at all with the people who visit their blogs, website, or social media accounts. You can use your media presence and brand reputation to drive high-quality and relevant traffic to promote our management consultancy.  If you are interested in working with us, we would like to hear from you. 


With affiliations, the volume of traffic will be high, however, the rate of conversion may be lower. Because of this, affiliates often prefer a CPA payment. This is a one-off payment that is given to affiliates once their referrals sign up, deposit a non-refundable security payment and the contract goes live. Please note, this is not an ongoing residual income, however, if the affiliate has higher traffic that converts, CPA payments can often be higher. 




If you're unsure whether you're an affiliate or an introducer (IB), you can talk to us or leave us an email at to help find payment solutions that suit your business model. 


After all, we're here to help make your business a success. Contact us today to see how we can work together.  





  • New Connections/Renewals;

  • Electricity/Gas;

  • Energy Compliance;

  • Water.




  • ADSL Broadband; 

  • Fibre Broadband; 

  • Mobile;

  • Merchant Services; 

  • Office Services.


If you are interested, fill out the form below and/or email us at We will contact you under separate cover to discuss this referral. 



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