Last updated: 22nd October 2021

Partnership Scheme 

This partnership allows you to introduce people who visit your blog, website, or social media account. You likely have no direct contact; however, you can use your media presence and brand reputation to help drive high-quality and relevant traffic to promote our business. If you are interested in working with us, we would like to hear from you. 

This partnership allows you to introduce a business client, an acquaintance, or a family friend to our business. Given our extensive experience in finance and procurement, we are positioned to provide the dedication, execution, and expertise you require. If you are interested in working with us, we would like to hear from you.

To meet the challenge of today's business world, NSG has invested considerably into planning, development, infrastructure partnerships, and web design to provide a fluid, reliable, and secure execution operation. With our Lead and Client Management Service, Support, and powerful, efficient back-office solutions; you will be able to achieve more and provide a well-rounded service for your clients. As experts in making savings for businesses, our referral channel offers your clients, tailored products and services with a level of service they won't get elsewhere. 


Whether you are a business owner, consultancy, or adviser, through our channel, you can pass on your clients to us and we will do the rest. You can feel rest assured that your clients will be looked after, providing them with excellent products and services. In return, you can receive a new revenue stream and build a stronger relationship with them.   


Disclaimer: We do not and refuse to work with businesses that have stolen data from a company or organization, or purchased from the black web. If this information comes to light during discussions, we will report such disclosure to the relevant authorities. 

We are sorry you have experienced problems in the past, and it's likely you know your clients by name. We understand whether businesses know their referrals or not on a personal level; you would have spent months, even years, building a trust-based relationship with your clients. We are different because, of our consultative approach, trustworthiness, and responsive business model. At the end of the day, we want happy clients. Our fees are upfront, structured on their needs; whether they need guidance, administrative support or, portfolio management over large, sometime multiple sites. 

  • We promise to keep you in the loop, and keep you appraised of the progress of any introductions; 


  • We will provide a rebate payment to you based on the terms of the supplier or a percentage of a fixed fee agreement. This means that for every successful trade that your clients agreed to, you will make a commission per trade when a contract goes live or pays upfront. This equates to ongoing residual income for your business - potentially with little ongoing effort once an introduction has been made.

With affiliations, the volume of traffic can be particularly high, however, the rate of conversion is often lower than someone may expect. Because of this, affiliates often prefer a CPA payment. This is a one-off payment that is given to affiliates once their referrals sign up, deposit a non-refundable security payment and the contract goes live. Please note, this is not an ongoing residual income. However, if the affiliate has higher traffic that converts, CPA payments can often be higher. 

You can initially get in touch via We will contact you under separate cover to discuss your referral and outline our set criteria. 

  • If a client chooses not to work with the Nü Savings Group ('NSG'), no payment will be made and we will close our file;  


  • To prevent clawback - we will provide a regular residual payment (where applicable). If a client either cancels their direct debit or falls into arrears, a rebate payment will be temporarily paused until regular business resumes, where we reactivate payments.



Affiliate Partnership