Our Fees 




At the Nü Savings Group ('NSG'), we like to be transparent with our fee structure, so you know exactly what you are paying for. 


You will often be informed by a broker or consultant that their help is: "free of charge" or that they are "paid directly by the main supplier," nothing could be further from the truth! All clients are charged irrespective of whether this is upfront or their fees have been built into the unit rate (electricity/gas) or base price (other products or services). 


How can you help?


Before we proceed with any instruction, we take a few minutes of your time to see if we can help your business. If you are interested, we will follow this up with a scheduled appointment. If you are uninterested and the main decision-maker, we will update our records and remove your telephone number from our system. All businesses have the right to be forgotten.


Scheduled Appointments


An appointment with a set date and time will be arranged to help you decide what to do next. Please let us know whether you wish to have a telephone, or a digital appointment (i.e. Whatsapp® or Zoom Meeting®)


A calendar invite will be issued to you by email and once we have received your acceptance, we will update our records.


Within the allotted appointment for thirty (30) free minutes of consultation, we will get to understand your company, business operations, identify any problems, and whether we can assist you further. At this stage, you are under no obligation to work with us, just a confidential chat. It is really is that simple. Less confusion. More clarity. Nü Savings.


Instruction to Act


Once you have agreed via email that you wish our group to act, we will send an email confirming your proposed plans and the fee structure you prefer. If you don't confirm by email your choice of fee structure, we will automatically enter you into the 'Plus (Built-in Fee)' option. We prefer to underpromise and overdeliver to make sure your expectations are met.



Documentation Overview


After any scheduled meeting, we will need documentation either scanned or digital versions (such as virus-checked Word, Excel, or PDF files) by return of email to assist our administration:


  • verified copies of signed contracts (Wet signature or DocuSign);

  • a copy of any bills;

  • a signed formal Letter of Authorisation;

  • any site list(s) you may have; 


Fee Structure 


We have provided separate tabs across the heading: Our Fees, so you can explore which option you wish to select.  


Types of invoicing charge periods


We will invoice you based on a set period which will typically be one of the following:


  • Each week;

  • Each month (e.g. 20 Jan to 20 Feb, etc);

  • Each calendar month (e.g. Jan, Feb, etc);


Business Consultation