The Nü Savings Group is:


  • a Management Consultancy;


  • an independent body and does not hold any exclusivity with any suppliers or other third-party companies;


  • honest, we do not provide any financial or legal advice. Our Code of Conduct and corporate policies can be found on our website;


Any recommendations are based on our reviews, customer recommendations, and indicative pricing. Products and services are intended for U.K. clients.


  • We can look to provide signposting for procurement opportunities to companies based in other jurisdictions on an ad-hoc basis. Domestic product(s)/services: these are only provided through our membership scheme.


  • Businesses: Before deciding to participate in management consultancy opportunities, you should carefully consider your business objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite; as all business contracts with suppliers are legally binding. You could be liable for termination fees based on the length of time spent on any administration or we are forced to abandon your case because you have not fully co-operated or given false information.


Our access to suppliers requires bespoke, tailored contracts and wet or DocuSign signature(s). Any verbal contracts are impermissible, either from our group, or any prospective clients introduced to us, who wish to use our services. A cooling-off period of 14 days is only granted to micro-businesses (from October 2021) and based on a percentage (%) saving.  If you should have any queries or concerns, these must be submitted in writing.


Thank you for considering our group.

Legal Disclaimer