Welcome to the Nü Savings Group, we are a management consultancy group Simplifying Business Life™  for SMEs,

             Industrial and Commercial and Corporate clients throughout the United Kingdom.


             Our aim is to create an alternative future for businesses with products and services that are fit for purpose, affordable

             and sustainable. We want a future where communities can work together and businesses can co-exist without the fear of

             financial worry. We believe that this can only happen if we open our minds to new ways of thinking and embrace change.


             For us, this means educating our customers and stakeholders about the reality of our impact on Mother Earth, how

             we can change the environment for the better; by changing our lifestyles, and how we operate. With sustainable

             practices, by acting responsibly and making the right decisions. If we work together, we can make a difference.


             As a new challenger to the status quo, our path has been beset by obstacles, but we believe in our brand, our values,

            and that we wish to do the right thing. We understand business is not easy, that making decisions can be difficult, and

            often in hindsight, you may wish you could have used a company that you could have faith in. We have therefore written

            the NSG Code of conduct; to help us to make the right decisions, to build trust with business, and to demonstrate

            that we are different and our standards and principles are beyond reproach. 


            Join us on our journey, you will never look back. 


            Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you


            Ian Smith


            Nü Savings Group Limited