Our Human Rights Policy Statement 



The Nü Savings Group ('NSG') is committed to the freedom and equality of people irrespective of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other's opinions, national or social origin, birth, or any other status.




Respect for Human Rights is an integral part of our corporate culture. We respect and support the protection of human rights

within our sphere of influence.


Our commitment to human rights inside the acknowledgment of the following international agreements:


1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations;

2. Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO);

3. Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


We believe the protection of human rights is only possible when we understand human rights, are aware of abuse, and know how to manage risks and opportunities to improve the conditions of the people we impact with our operations, management, and supply chain. We have a responsibility to raise our introducers' awareness about human rights-related issues and encourage them to safeguard their protection.




We know that our business operations have an impact on the people around us. Part of our corporate responsibility as an international utility company is to recognize the role we play in society. This means we have to minimize negative effects through our business and to increase the positive influence we can have. This refers to the multitude of business partners in our business and along the supply chain. Furthermore, our commitment to human rights shows respect for the client we supply with our services, for the communities in which we live together, and last, but not least, for local and national governments with which we seek an open and transparent relationship. Understanding that we are not able to secure the protection of human rights only on our own, we also promote the protection of human rights in relationships with our suppliers, contractors, and other business associates. We are doing business in diverse parts of the world, and depending on local conditions we may have different focus and priorities in our work to support human rights protection.




Our approach to human rights embraces on the one hand those fields of action which are relevant for all corporations operating on an international scale, and on the other hand those specific for the energy sector. Our commitment comprises especially the following areas:




Integrity, openness, and mutual respect are important values for us. We are convinced that work relationships with businesses are characterized by equal opportunities and inclusion is vital for sustainability and accept responsibility as a product and service provider. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or abusive language under any circumstance against a person(s) or a group of people. This rule shall also apply to authorized partners, such as introducers, who act on behalf of NSG.




Around the world, many women can face discrimination and disadvantage, lack access to skills and training, and face roadblocks to their active participation in the economy. They often lack the protection of basic rights and laws. Poverty, discrimination, and violence against women are major barriers to opportunity. Women are integral to our business model and growth ambitions. We seek to manage and grow socially responsible businesses where women participate on an equal basis. We believe that women’s rights and economic inclusion are priorities to win long-term




We do not accept any form of child labor according to the ILO conventions C 138 and C 182. Also, we do not tolerate forced or involuntary labor of any kind corresponding to the ILO principles C 29 and C 105. 




As an international utility company, NSG is active and present in many places worldwide. Thus we do have the duty to minimize any negative physical, social and environmental impacts and risks on local communities and indigenous people. We recognize the special circumstances of indigenous peoples and we must understand the concerns and expectations of the communities in which we live and work to safeguard the long-term prosperity of our business.




We work continuously to ensure that authorized partners are well informed and knowledgeable about this policy. It is imperative that when working with our brand that our reputation does not suffer and that they have the ability to protect human rights and related issues. Where appropriate, we undertake risk assessments. Furthermore, this policy statement as well as other policies which include particular issues on human rights in more detail will be reviewed and continuously improved in order to assure a suitable implementation within our management processes and procedures. To address problems and concerns about the effective implementation and the corresponding enforcement, we encourage authorized partners to get in touch directly with our Group Managing Director who has oversight of this policy.




We place importance on the provision of effective remedies wherever human rights impacts occur through company-based grievance mechanisms. We continue to build the awareness and knowledge of our employees and workers on human rights, including labor rights, encouraging them to speak up, without retribution, about any concerns they may have, including through our grievance channels. We are committed to continuing to increase the capacity of our management to effectively identify and respond to concerns. We also promote the provision of effective grievance mechanisms by our suppliers.




We believe that our products and services bring many positive benefits, particularly in the areas of Procurement and Energy Compliance. We continually evaluate and review how best to strengthen our approach to addressing human rights, including labor rights. We believe that working through external initiatives and partnerships, for example with other industries, NGOs, trade unions, suppliers, and other business partners, is often the best way to address shared challenges. We will track and publicly report on progress on an annual basis. This Human Rights Policy Statement consolidates our existing commitments and brings increased clarity to our processes and procedures. Its principles are implemented across our operations and value chain.