NSG is a website to help our business and residential (or domestic) clients'

make savings. We publish in-depth information, legislative and savings guidance, product reviews, and more for our members. In addition, we look to provide offers that are not available on the High Street. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact our admin team at: hello@nsg.org.uk 



We will also be looking to run an up-to-date YouTube channel that complements the written content that we publish on this website. This

editorial policy sets out the ways in which we go about our jobs. If you feel

that our work has fallen short of these standards, please contact us at support@nsg.org.uk.


Editorial Policy

Our Information

  • We report information based on accurate sources and third-party data;


  • We provide legislative and savings guidance correct from the date of it being published;


  • When reporting information that may not be publicly available or which may paint an individual or organization in a way they find disagreeable, we always seek comment;*


  • We do not publish information received from sources (named or anonymous) without attempting to confirm it with additional sources;


  • We protect the identities of anyone who provides information to us anonymously;


  • We do not pay for sources of information or data. When reporting on information revealed by another business, we always provide prominent credit and link through to the original work;


  • Sometimes our work requires us to travel to report on events, people, and organizations. If we accept travel and accommodation from a third party to facilitate our editorial coverage, then we disclose it within the relevant article(s).


 [*Disclaimer: If we receive new information after publication, we update our existing story or add a new one as necessary. When notified of potential factual errors in our work, we will attempt to verify them and publish a correction if a mistake has been made. We also offer

anyone mentioned in a story a right of reply. If you feel you or your company has been misrepresented or wish to expand on a story please let us know]. 

Professional Relationships


In the course of our work, we undertake due diligence and speak to business and domestic suppliers, legal and accountancy

companies and other organizations, we always seek to conduct ourselves professionally.


In order to receive materials and access, it is sometimes necessary to agree to embargoes that bind us to publish content after a

certain date and time. It may also be necessary to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), which we only do if we are satisfied the

NDA will not compromise or inhibit the honesty and integrity of the resulting work.


In the event that a company stops talking to us completely (sometimes referred to as 'blacklisting'), we will do our best to deliver

the same high standards of reporting, fairness, analysis, and criticism without being swayed by the circumstances. Out of respect

for individuals, companies, and their work, we will not refer to these incidents in public unless there is a strong editorial imperative to

do so - e.g. the integrity of the publication is under threat, or publication of critical information such as highly anticipated reviews will

be delayed as a result.


The editorial team does not accept promotional items or other gifts from companies. We only accept product(s), items, other offers

for review, and things that enable us to do our job (i.e. products and/or access to services). Physical items received may not be sold or traded.


If we receive promotional items without requesting them, they will be sold or put at auction. All proceeds less any administrative costs

will be given to a charity of our choosing.

Advertising and Commercial Activities


NSG's editorial and advertising departments are separate. The content that appears on the Nsg.org.uk website and YouTube channel

is entirely at the editors' discretion and is never influenced by commercial considerations.


Our advertising team believes in being fair, honest, and transparent in our dealings with advertisers.


We do not accept advertising that obscures content (i.e. interstitials or overlays), that plays sound automatically, or that

features gambling, or offensive content. Additionally, we do not accept inappropriate advertising content and will act to remove it if it appears on the website. If you believe adverts on the site are falling short of these goals, please contact us.


We sometimes link to retailers (e.g. Amazon) and receive money from any purchases made. These links do not influence

editorial decisions in any way. They only appear in articles related to the product in question and use neutral language,

for example: "Order [this product] from Amazon."