Our Health, Safety & Security Policy



The Nü Savings Group ('NSG') ensures a secure, healthy, and safe environment for our business, clients and all our stakeholders is one of our key priorities. We mitigate risks and promote health, security, and wellbeing through the constant improvement of our processes, and health promotions, and preventive measures. We do not compromise on safety practices, behaviors, or conditions. No job is worth putting someone’s health or life in danger. Thus, we expect all businesses to comply with our suggested health, safety, and security regulations, promote a safe and healthy work environment, and improve their health and safety culture. It is essential that we work together to achieve a common understanding of how to act and work together safely.




The health and safety of our clients and global communities are our number one priority. That’s why we continue to take steps to enhance our business advice and provide services – ensuring that you can continue working with peace of mind.




We know that our business operations have an impact on the people around us. Part of our corporate responsibility as an international utility company is to recognize the role we play in society. This means we have to minimize negative effects through our business and to increase the positive influence we can have. This refers to the multitude of business partners in our business and along the supply chain. Furthermore, our commitment to human rights shows respect for the customers we supply with our products and services, for the communities in which we live together, and last, but not least, for local and national governments with which we seek an open and transparent relationship. Understanding that we are not able to secure the protection of human rights only on our own, we also promote the protection of human rights in relationships with our suppliers, contractors, and other business associates. We are doing business in diverse parts of the world, and depending on local conditions we may have different focus and priorities in our work to support human rights protection.




We place importance on the provision of effective remedies wherever human rights impacts occur through company-based grievance mechanisms. We continue to build the awareness and knowledge of our introducers on human rights, including labor rights, encouraging them to speak up about any concerns they may have. We also promote the provision of effective grievance mechanisms by our suppliers.