The Nü Savings Group ("NSG") believes protecting the environment is one of the most important concerns throughout the world. It presents a great challenge in geopolitics,  the business world and affects every part of human life. As an environmentally conscious company, we feel that everyone has a part to play; only by understanding our impact, as well as that of our clients are we able to collectively change the world for the better. Our best practices are to help continuously improve sustainability performance. Our solutions enable us and our customers to reduce energy emissions, increase energy efficiency and meet government compliance, for a sustainable, cleaner future.




NSG believes that businesses should have a clear Corporate Social Responsibility policy in respect of the environment.

From having sustainable energy policies based on Green Energy, Fair Use of Water Consumption, and Elimination of Single-Use Packaging to help the United Kingdom become a greener place to work and live. 


As an organization:


  • We are therefore committed to helping our customers to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint on the planet;


  • We are committed to ensuring a supplier provides a full breakdown of their fuel mixes, and ensure clean products are

        readily available;


  • We encourage customers to reduce their energy and water consumption by providing solutions to problems and practical advice;


  • We suggest ways our clients can be responsible to reuse or recycle their waste;


  • We provide elucidation to customers how they can save money by changing their habits and buying ethical products;


  • We will provide Energy Assessment to larger customers to meet government regulations. 





As a socially responsible group, we follow what we preach, from our use of energy and water; to continuously improving our efficiencies and our knowledge, so we can help protect the environment from harm and to have a brighter future.