Our Environment Claims


The Nü Savings Group ('NSG') understands businesses and consumers want products and services which minimize harm to, or have a positive effect on, the environment. Here, we help you make informed choices from our product range, that represent a better choice for the environment based on third-party certifications.


Products with Recycled Content















We ensure any products we sell that contain recycled content are: 


  • Produced from pre/post-consumer recycled content;


  • Made from a range of products: plastic, glass, wood, and more;


  • Has as a minimum 30% recycled content (by weight);


  • Wood pulp-based products, virgin material must come from a known and verified legal origin.



Products with Remanufactured/Refilled parts














We ensure any products with remanufactured/refilled parts are: 


  • Made with quality components from previously used products;


  • Saved from Landfill e.g. one-time use disposable items (for instance, ink cartridges);


  • Has as a minimum 30% of material recovered from previously used products (by weight).



Environment Third Parties we support

















Regulator: Competition and Markets Authority


 Published Guidance: 20 September 2021








Environment Claims