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Data management has a wide scope, covering factors such as accessing and updating data across complex data tiers, storing data across multiple clouds, and examining the analytics/algorithms of your own internal systems. It is critical for any business to mitigate risk by having specialized data solutions, meet compliance governance standards, and have data insights at the center of their corporate vision and strategy. For example, we receive many queries on sustainable net-zero emissions strategies and effective estate portfolio management.


If you have ever wished to have a complete overview of your portfolio of estates or business site(s); and complete control over your processes to manage and make prompt effective decisions, look no further. We can undertake the necessary analysis, reporting, and compliance. 


At NSG, we work closely with our third-party provider, to provide the necessary tools and processes to manage the most complex of organizations, including capital equity companies with property portfolios with high churn rates. 


With our access to proprietary systems and software solutions, we can provide: 


  • Bureau Services including bill/invoice validation

  • Commercial Tenancy On-Charging;

  • Energy, water, and sustainability management;

  • Estate portfolio management;

  • Contract Risk management.