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The Nü Savings Group ('NSG') uses the term: 'Client Consent;'  to act on behalf of clients. This is very different from a Letter Of Authority (LOA) or 'Permission Slip.' It is more professional and ethical. We believe clients should be informed of our processes, administration, and details of our costs before we undertake our administration. 






To act in the best interests of any prospective or current clients; we need to assess your business operations, have a thorough understanding of your contractual obligations, and be provided with the legal ability to obtain and collate any company information and data held by a third party. 


In addition, you need to appreciate and understand that any information, data, or material facts and figures have been supplied to us by a third party. Any live contracts in place cannot be terminated or altered without your authority and that of a supplier or service provider; you are responsible for the legal consequences of any actions you undertake. Legal Caveat: unless there have been material changes to your business operations, whereby we can act on your behalf.


In certain circumstances, we can be instructed to procure products or services on your behalf through our models: Refer For Quotation, Written Proposal, or Tender Bid, received by recorded delivery or electronic mail. However, in order to act, we need all the available information in your possession; contract details, site list(s) - where applicable, your terms of instruction, details of any competitor whom you have additionally instructed, and receipt of your legal authority to act on your behalf.  




To give informed consent, the individual, or the person with authority to act on behalf of a business or corporate entity must have adequate reasoning faculties, be in possession of all relevant information, facts and figures, and can give valid informed consent; as such three components must be present: disclosure, capacity, and voluntariness



  • Disclosure - each prospective client must present any information, facts, and figures necessary to make an autonomous decision. The responsible person(s) adequately understands the information provided. Thus any written consent form legally signed by an authorized person will be accepted by a third party, and in exceptional circumstances, admissible in a court of law. 


  • (Mental) Capacity pertains to the ability of the client to both understand the information provided and form a reasonable judgment based on the potential consequences of his/her decision.


  • Voluntariness refers to the client's right to freely exercise his/her/their decision-making without being subjected to external pressure such as coercion, manipulation, or undue influence.


Impairments to reasoning and judgment that may prevent informed consent are as follows: a), provided insufficient information to form a reasoned decision, b), has failed to provide said written authority, or c), we deem is not a fit and proper person; we will automatically cease any administration to protect our interests. After which, the client will be invoiced for any outstanding payments, and once received, we will release any information held in our records and terminate our business relationship. Failure to make payment may result in court proceedings to collect any arrears and for our court costs to be paid in full; unless we agree to an out-of-court settlement. 


Ethical issues can sometimes arise, e.g. where a client can infer we induced them to enter a contract against their will; in such cases, this can sometimes invalidate any procurement contracts. In such cases, an objective investigation will be carried out by a supplier. We will provide them with any details of the contract; a), contracts in pdf format with a wet or digital signature, b), screen images of any Whatsapp messages (if applicable), c), copies of any emails instructing us to act d), any other valid documents or information to support an investigation. 





Once we have received your informed consent, we can undertake the following: 


Standard Assessment & Due Diligence - (Referred to as "investigative")


We will act on your behalf; by recovering any available information and data, until we await further instructions from a business client: nothing more, nothing less. 


Specialist Administration - (Referred to as "procurement") 


Before we or any of our affiliated partners incur any costs; we will supply you with a list of our services, deadlines, and the subsequent costs, per site, for administration,  depending on:


  • the level of procurement you require;


  • level of risk management (i.e. low, medium, or high risk)



  • products and services you have expressed an interest in; 


  • specific instruction(s) to administer new connections and terminate existing supplies; 


  • any debts owing to a previous supplier have been paid in full and satisfied.




NSG is available for a work-for-hire contract. This can fall between a one-off contract or freelance contract; which may be full-time or part-time depending on the terms of the contract. The client pays in advance for professional work to be specified later. The purpose of our retainer ('retainer fee') is to ensure that we can reserve time for our clients in the future when our services will be required. 


We can be paid at fixed, pre-negotiated hourly, daily, or per-site rates depending on the nature and complexity of the retainer;  this can be paid as a single advance payment or recurringly (e.g. monthly payment). 


A client's grant of authority to us may be implied, apparent, or usual through providing representation to a client. Once our administration or investigation has concluded, we will close our files accordingly.