We understand that prospective and current clients alike can suffer from issues reading their energy (gas/electricity) and water billing or supply invoices (for multi-sites). Other business clients can often not understand why they are paying too much. We break everything down into Plain English and provide a full clarification of what type of contract you have entered into, ensuring that you only pay for the energy and water you have consumed, and at the agreed contractual rates. So, whether you have worked with a broker, consultancy, or dealt directly with a mains supplier, we can help you.




We provide you with three choices:


  1. Direct contact with the supplier;

  2. Scottish third party - who has a bill validation system built exclusively for Scottish clients and the SME marketplace;

  3. British third party - who has a proprietary invoice validation system built for the whole of the UK marketplace.




The first choice is usually the best for simple energy/water queries. Please note that due to Covid19, suppliers can often be slow to provide the information or prompt services.


The second choice is the best option if you are based in Scotland, and only want to work with a Scottish company. They have offices throughout Scotland and can be instructed, depending on the sector of the business, for a site visit.


The third choice is the ideal choice if you have technical problems, and have sites based throughout the United Kingdom and/or internationally.


With our subsidiary NSG International Limited, we have access to a proprietary system that examines data values, integers, and parameters. Clients can be on fixed/passthrough or partial pass-through contracts, who may have queries with their Half Hourly (HH), Max Demand meters, or Season Time of Day (STOD) meters. We would look to address any anomalies, recover any monies owed, and produce any reports required. 




Our systems provide: 


  • Accurate invoicing

  • Financial control

  • Clear visibility of your energy and water portfolio(s)

  • In-depth cost and consumption reporting

  • Digital Tracking of open queries and opportunities for savings




During the first thirty minutes of our consultancy, we do not charge any fee. We provide you with a brief overview of the administration needed, and how we can help. Once the free period of consultancy has elapsed, we provide three options: -


  1. BASE - This is a simple model, where we charge a fixed fee per hour;

  2. CHOICE - This model is the most popular, as we charge an agreed fixed fee per service required; 

  3. MAX - This model provides bill/invoice validation as part of our procurement package. We add an uplift to the base market rate. For illustrative purposes, we can charge up to a minimum of 0.7p uplift for micro and small-medium enterprises and 0.1 uplifts for corporate clients.


Disclaimer. Please note that until any invoice we have submitted has been paid in full and cleared; we shall not release any of our data, reporting, or findings.  You will be invoiced weekly and expected to make prompt payment, failure to do, you will be charged a late payment of £13.00.

Bill/Invoice Validation