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Our wish is to become one of the most recognizable groups in the UK by Winning with Purpose. Behind this vision lies a passion to network with businesses throughout the UK, irrespective of the size of their business, their industry, or annual spend.


We also love to partner with people who share the same values, drive, and ambition as us. 


With our expertise, we ensure to provide access to affordable, sustainable contracts - futureproofing you from any unexpected costs and solving any problems.


Our commitment is to do business in the right way; words followed by action. Integrating purpose into our strategy will be the key to our future success and genuinely helping others. 


Our Story is a Work in Progress 

With our online presence, our services are available whether you are in your office, on the road, or, traveling abroad on business. Our choice of communications allows you to stay in touch. 

The Nü Savings Group (“NSG”) is an independently managed savings group that provides business clients with a range of digital products and services. Established in 2019, we created NSG because we saw an opportunity to provide more personalized business solutions to clients in an environment that put their interests first.  As a national organization, we help with business development, brand awareness, unbiased insights & fairer procurement. Our work on behalf of our clients is far-reaching, but it all comes down to managing complexity, delivering simplicity, and helping businesses reach their goals.


Our Proposition 

Our Fiduciary Standard 

Fiduciary duty is at the core of NSG — our legal and ethical obligations are to put our clients' interests ahead of our own. Our fee structure will align with your best interests and annual budget. 


As a fee-only firm, we are paid directly by our clients and refuse to accept commissions, bonuses, or other financial incentives for our work. Our success is due to our ... 

Our Clients

We have a down-to-earth, holistic approach to our client's problems and we will always explain your options in Plain English. We recognize the importance of keeping our clients informed on the progress of cases and responding quickly to our clients' needs via electronic mail. If you prefer to discuss your matter by telephone or wish to arrange a video call, we can schedule a callback at a suitable date and time that suits your agenda.


We appreciate that business solutions should be cost-effective. We advise our clients about our fees at the outset; keeping you regularly informed of any developments or changes as a case progresses. 


When clients are not financially stable, we will always consider flexible funding arrangements to ensure that they get our assistance. These can include deferred fees, payments by monthly direct debit, or special fee rates.


We are always happy to have a no-obligation discussion about a case at the outset, but we will be unable to provide you with any 'free' procurement assessments or discuss any pricing for your business portfolio.