Nü Savings Expert® is a national advisory consultancy for consumers and businesses.  Based in the North East of England, we are passionate and genuinely care about our client's mental health and wellbeing. We believe in Simplifying Life™ because there are enough challenges in life, without finance being more complicated than ought to be. With our expert advice, you will be able to navigate the UK marketplace for suitable products and services that meet your needs and budget.  Join us on our journey to better, more affordable deals and a brighter future. If you need our dedicated support and advice, we are only a click of a button away. 


Our vision is to Become One of The Best Management Consultants In The UK by Winning with Purpose. Behind this vision lies a passion to network with similar partners, who share the same values, drive and ambition. With our expertise, we will ensure you have affordable, sustainable contracts - future-proofing you from any unexpected costs and problems. Our commitment is to do business in the right way. We strongly believe that integrating purpose into our business strategy will be the key to our future success. 


 Overview of our products and services: 


  •  Core Products: NSG Energy and NSG Water;

  •  Core Services: Compliance, Legal Services, Accounting Services; 

  •  Our Value-Added Services: ADSL broadband, Fiber broadband, Telecoms, Mobile; Merchant Services

          and Office Services for all your service needs.  

About Us