The Nü Savings Group Limited' ("NSG") is a management consultancy

 group, based in North East England. Our aim is: Simplifying Business Life™,

 and believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With our network

 of partners, we can provide a greater range of products and services for your

 business or organization.


 Our shared experience of working within the Insolvency Sector, with         

 Companies in Liquidation, Personal Insolvencies, and Mergers & Acquisitions

 has helped shape our Corporate Governance, Values, and Code of Conduct.


 Our core services comprise: Energy, Water, and Compliance; alongside our

 Value-Added Services: ADSL broadband, Fibre broadband, Telecoms, and

 Merchant Services.


 Latest Update: We have recently agreed on a new partnership with a

 northern firm and can now provide businesses with office furniture

 (including fax machines, printers and perspex glass) for all your needs.   




About Us

Our Vision

We aspire to become a leading management consultancy and a partner of choice for businesses who want savings, full transparency,

and wish to protect the environment. We take a holistic, 360° approach to procurement. Our kaizen (also known as: just in time) approach, allows us to save businesses unnecessary time and expenditure having to navigate marketplaces and managing their property portfolio.  We endeavor to provide sustainable contracts; future-proofing your business, and look to reduce your carbon footprint.

Join us on our journey and help us to build a better world.

Our Values


Clients choose NSG because we mean business. We stand by our values and are beyond reproach. We treat our clients, as we expect

to be treated and always go the extra mile. 



We love to Simplify Business Life™ for all our clients, using Plain English and clear facts. Buying products or services shouldn't have to be rocket science. Let NSG help your business and you will never look back. 

Our Partners



We hold efficiency as our key UPS. With our lower overheads, we can provide a better deal; whether you are in contract, out of contract, or simply looking for a better deal, to futureproof your business. We are here to help.



We are honest & hold strong moral principles. Our words are always followed by our actions. Our responsibility is to help provide fit-for-purpose contracts, solutions to headaches and meet your expectations. Think NSG, we are here to help.



Aretha Franklin sang about it...many people ignore it. But respect is fundamental in business; from actively listening to people's concerns, to providing solutions, or having the right to be forgotten. We always do the right thing.



We work in synergy with all our clients, irrespective of their size or industry. We promise to leverage a better deal. If you have a product/ service need, and we cannot help; we will try to match you to a partner or  that can help you. 



We provide all our clients with a professional service and quality assurance. With our enhanced due diligence, attention to detail, and side-by-side evaluations, we are second to none. If you have a query, we will provide you impartial advice



We love to be transparent because business life is difficult enough.

We provide 3 options: Base (pre-pay), Choice (Fixed Fee), or Plus (Built-in Fee). All contracts are in black & white; so no more verbal scripts. Please note we only accept digital or written contracts. 



Many businesses don't operate Monday to Friday, or open 9 until 5. We are exactly the same. With our digital communication, we can offer clients: Zoom®, Business Whatsapp®, or email. Never be left in the lurch again, think NSG, we are here to help you. 


NSG only provides dedicated products and services to our clients that are ethical and reliable. If a supplier is not listed then they have not met our strict criteria.